Thursday: This day is about having conversations about all things clay. Highlighting organizations, places, residencies that offer space, foster and support growth, community, and individual makers. It is also about what artists are thinking about and how that is changing and developing in the studio. 


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Please submit your idea by October 2nd, 2020.

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Red Clay Rambler Feature -

On the topic of thinking I have a 2014 interview featuring Kristen Kieffer, Michael Kline and Julia Galloway. The wide-ranging conversation looks at current trends of that era in ceramic design, the effect of the internet on the way we see design, the pressures on young artists to succeed, and dealing with the restless personality of the artist.


Join Pottery Northwest resident artists, Granite Calimpong and Ryana Lawson, as they discuss their work, inspiration, and their time at Pottery Northwest.

Oct 8,2020 7pm PCT

Dane Hodges and David Swenson

Dane Hodges and David Swenson sit down and discuss their process, inspirations, and transformations leading to current portfolios. A couple MN potters chatting with rather different styles about their craft. Join them on Instagram live Thursday Oct. 8th at 6:30 pm. through Dane or David’s Instagram account.

Shanna Fliegel

What: Clay as Conduit - Experience to Story

How: In the three-act structure of life we collectively endure joy, suffering, and resilience. I will show how visual symbols drawn, printed, and impressed into the surface of clay can record and demonstrate these narratives. The narratives are both universal and personal.

Overall idea:
Clay possesses the tender yet powerful ability to record marks, as it reflects touch, surface and impression instinctively. It is alive as earth, and provides a conduit between human narrative thinking and experience with visually represented communication. Recurring themes in my work include discovery through the consideration of how the natural environment and built world shape and define how we navigate life. Conceptually I swing from considering how heartbreak is felt through the impending and crushing imposition of humans on the planet, or the new epoch we live in, the Anthropocene, to the interior psyche/landscape of humanity and how we push through personal struggle, love and loss. The tug between survival and joy and progress I suppose.

Stephanie Wilhelm

I'm a current long term artist in residence at Red Lodge Clay Center. I would like to highlight the residency here, my work, and the conversations, questions, and goals I have had regarding educational resources in our field. I have begun to create instructional videos and teaching resources for educators in ceramics and provide these for free on my website. Through these resources I am hoping to provide better quality information/instruction for teachers and to students.

This can be spread out through several days or condensed into one day. I would love any suggestions or feedback you may have. Please see attached document.

Mark Errol

Monday - Mugshot Monday at home, talking about why certain mugs are in our collection and how they are part of my morning ritual.

Thursday - I will be talking about what places, people and things have been the forces behind my passion for clay and how I find inspiration through other formats besides clay.

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