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After much consideration, our board has decided to pause our promotion and reposting of this year’s Clay Week event. We encourage the community to continue their events and share with the work in this week-long celebration. 


We will be using this time to evaluate our mission and focus. When we first started Clay Week and Clay Week Open Studios our goal was to leverage social media to share localized events to a global audience in one large amplified week long celebration. When we first started we saw the opportunity for our community to unite and share their ideas and energy to help bring us all together and grow as a community. Fast forward to 2021 and the community has grown so much with all the social media tools. At any moment in the day you can be teleported into someone's studio and share in their practice. In some ways, clay is being celebrated everyday on these platforms. Which brings us to the question of what is our role? We’re going to take time and think about this question. If you have any ideas or suggestions send us an email. 


It’s been an honor working with you all and a huge thanks to ArtAxis, NCECA, Red Clay Rambler, Amaco Brent, Make and Do Ceramics, The Ceramics School, and The Color Network for all the help over the years. And from the bottom of our hearts thank you to everyone that tuned in and participated each year to make CLAY WEEK a success. 


Cheers and go forth to clay! 


-Clay Week Board

2021 Pause

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