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Still time to participate in OPEN STUDIOS….

Happy October!

As fall rolls in bringing cooler weather for most of the country, we hope you are gearing up for National Clay Week! We still have a week to sign up for NCW Open Studios so that you can host your event during our celebration! We would love to have you or your studio participate again this year, by holding a sale, a community day, a lecture, or any other clay related activity. You are welcome to invite other artists to your studio to help host the event but our goal is to reach the public outside of our normal clay community. Building on your input we have created a press packet with a logo/signage, a press release to send to your local media outlet and a few other information sheets to help with the process.There are many hosting options, including open studio tour, kiln opening after a firing, date night, girls night, family clay day, and/or clay olympics! Check our instagram feed to see what some of our participants did last year on our #throwbackthursday post, and watch this week as we start to highlight this year’s studios and artists.

The weekly events are all set and ready to go as well! Here are what your clay days will look like for 2018!

On Monday, we will be working with Heath Ceramics made in California! Heath Ceramics has been making tableware from start to finish since 1948. In 2003, Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey bought the business from original owners Edith and Brian Heath, and relaunched the brand. They will be sharing a video that shows one of their signature pieces being created from start to finish! Read more about Heath Ceramics here.

On Tuesday, Art Axis is back again, presenting a range of views on this year’s NCW theme—Industry! The thoughtful short video presentations will be followed by a short live-stream Q & A session with one of the presenters. Wondering what “industry” means? The word alone conjures images of Karl Marx and soot-covered factory workers: Capitalists against the Proletariat. Indeed, invocation of the word carries with it the baggage of all manufacture since the onset of the industrial revolution, and this vision has largely dominated the social perception of “Industry.” Historically, the definition of industry originated with the individual, in the idea of the skillful, the clever and ingenious, and in the notion of hard work. And what Industry may mean in the future is only now emerging. We are excited to present these talks and hopeful that they will lead to meaningful conversations about how industry can contribute not only to our field and studio practice, but to the ceramics community at large.

On Wednesday, we will celebrate with our international clay community on the Global Day of Clay. We are working with the 92 Y and NCECA and for a list of events around the globe and ways you can join in the fun check out the 92Y here! Use #globaldayofclay on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show us what you are up too!

On Thursday, our day of nuts and bolts, we will join the John Michael Kohler Arts Center to do something fantastically wonderful; it’s definitely going to be amazing!

And beginning Friday and running through Sunday, it’s Open Studios! So whether you are a student, teacher, maker, do-er, clay enthusiast, or all of the above, there is something fantastic for you to do, see, and participate in during National Clay Week 2018! Remember, you have just a week to register so we can get your studio hosting on our map! Register online to receive your packet about hosting!

Lastly, we want to give a big shout out to all our folks toughing out Hurricane Florence! We are thinking of you, and hope the storm didn’t do too much damage to your studios, kilns, and homes and that everyone is safe!

Check our website for more information!

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