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Tuesday- Artaxis Conversations: 24 artists, 16 countries, 12 hours

Announcing, your 2017 Artaxis/National Clay Week Conversations artists! This year's event will be titled "Artaxis Conversations: 24 artists, 16 countries, 12 hours." The final schedule, a form to submit your questions, along with links to where and how to participate in the conversations LIVE on Tuesday, October 10, starting at 10am Eastern Time, can be found at Find out more about each artists by clicking on their name to go to their Artaxis page for more photos, artist statements, and bios. This year there are 24 artists representing 16 countries, for 12 back-to-back hours of dialogue.


Questions for the artists may be submitted via page. Those questions will be organized and submitted to the artists for them to discuss during their live video. Viewers may also follow the live broadcast and submit questions during the live-stream.


Please encourage your students to get involved and ask questions. The live streaming video can be projected for viewing in a classroom or community studio directly from the Artaxis Facebook page.

Tom Bartel USA

Shlomit Bauman Israel

Jennifer Forsberg Sweden

Paolo Porelli Italy

Rojhane Hosseini Iran

Oleksandr Miroshnychenko Ukraine

Eva Zethraeus Sweden

Raheleh Filsoofi Iran

Rory MacDonald Canada

Monika Patuszynska Poland

Johnathan Hopp Israel

Giorgio di Palma Italy

Phil Rogers Wales

Modisa Motsomi Botswana

Isobel Egan Ireland

Neha Kudchadkar India

Kukuli Velarde Peru/USA

Linda Arbuckle USA

Linda Lighton USA

Malcolm Mobutu Smith USA

Linda Sormin Canada

Ilona Romule Latvia

En Iwamura Japan

Vipoo Srivilasa Australia/Thailand

Vocab lesson time! This week it's "educator"

Serbian: образовни радник abrezavni eradnik

Italian: educatore

Spanish: educador/a

Japanese: 教育者 kyouikusya

Swedish: lärare

German: Gemeinschaft

Polish: Nauczyciel

French: Éducateur

Greek: Εκπαιδευτής/ ekpedeftís

Nepali: Shikshit

Arabic: معلم / marab

Hebrew: מורה / moeh moah

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