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Tuesday: Clay Conversations

On the second day of National Clay Week (my true love gave to me?) we’ll be joined again by ArtAxis artists for Clay Conversations. They’re still lining up the artists for this year, after which but soon, you will have a chance to submit questions and conversation topics for the artists to address in their live, interactive conversations that will broadcast Tuesday, October 10, all day! Updates will be posted on social media as well as this blog. Until then, enjoy some of last year’s conversations from Periscope, linked below:

Melanie Sherman

Adam Welch

Kyle Carpenter Simon Levin

Ted Adler

Samuel Johnson

Jessica Putnam-Phillips

Lauren Gallaspy

Brian Harper

Rob Kolhouse

Jeni Hansen Gard & Lauren Karle

Judi Tavill

Brett Kern Didem Mert

Elenor Wilson

Tom Budzak

Bradley Klem

Sunshine Cobb

Casey McDonough

Michael Kline

Neil Celani

Adam Field

NCW Vocab lesson: Artist

Serbian - уметник umetnik

Italian: Artista

Spanish: Artista

Japanese: 芸術家 geijyustuka

Hindi: कलाकार kalaakaar

Kannada: ಕಲಾವಿದ Kalāvida

Swedish: konstnär

German: Künstler

Polish: putsa

French: artiste

Greek: Καλλιτέχνης/ kalitéchnis

Nepali: कलाकार Kalākāra

Arabic: فنان fannan

Swahili: msanii

Chinese: 艺术家 Yìshùjiā

Yiddish: קינסטלער kinstler

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