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Using Handmade: Monday

Today we’re focusing on the Monday of NCW, with the theme of USING HANDMADE. How does using handmade objects improve your life, and how can you engage your community with these objects? Canadian artist, blogger, mom, and altogether amazing woman Carole Epp has spearheaded our featured project for Using Handmade: The Crafted Dish. Here’s the “scoop” straight from the source,

As part of National Clay Week 2017 we are looking for Canadian makers to share their pottery and favorite recipe to be showcased in a print publication that will be launched this October. Our aim is to highlight not only the wide variety of skills by Canadian Artists but also the wealth of culture and experience that makes Canada unique. Beyond highlighting the ceramic talent that exists across Canada, the proceeds from this cookbook will be donated to food based charities in Canada.

As it happens, the Monday of National Clay Week also falls on Canadian Thanksgiving, a day when many dishes will be shared among loved ones. The call-for-entry ends soon, June 10 2017, so all you Canadian clayers head over here to submit your entry. It's also up on Facebook.

You can also follow the project on Instagram at @TheCraftedDish and #thecrafteddish. Look out for details on an Instagram takeover during National Clay Week. Details coming soon!

Many thanks to Carole and the jurors, Julia and Yolande Krueger, and Christopher Reid Flock for their work on this project!

This week's vocab: clay and dish

Serbian: Clay and dish - глина и чинија glina e chinia

Italian: Argilla i piatto

Spanish: arcilla y plato

Japanese: 粘土と皿 Nendo to Sara

Hindi: चिकनी मिट्टी और बर्तन chikkani mitti aur barthan

Kannada: ಮಣ್ಣು ಮತ್ತು ಪಾತ್ರೆ mannu matthu paathre

Swedish: lera och maträtt

German: Ton und Speise

Polish: Glina e china

French: Argile et Assiette

Greek: Πηλός/ pilós, Πιάτο / piáto

Nepali: Bhaada, Pakavāna

Arabic: فخار tin/ طبق tabaq

Swahili: udongo na sahani

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