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Introducing National Clay Week 2017: Community

Hello! While everyone is gearing up for the end of the school year and beginning of summer, we are just gearing up for the SECOND ANNUAL National Clay Week! Thank you to everyone who joined us for NCW 2016. This blog is going to be popping up every other Wednesday through the event itself [October 9-15 2017] to help showcase what is NCW is about and how you can get involved. This year we are going to focus on the theme of “Community” and how it relates to ceramics. Some plans are still being finalized, so today's post is going to be a brief introduction to National Clay Week 2017.

Monday, October 9- Using Handmade: Carole Epp (Saskatchewan), Robin Lambert (Alberta), Reid Flock (Ontario) of Canada are our ​​Monday hosts! They will be working with a team of Canadian artists to organize a cookbook that shares wonderful recipes of your favorite ceramic artists. Do you have a recipe you want to share? This day will be taking to Instagram, so get ready to hashtag!

​​Tuesday, October 10- Clay Conversations: ArtAxis will be reviving their day-long Q&A, in line with their organization's goal to grow to include more international artists. They'll have a link up in the near future for you to ask questions that the artists (TBA) will answer in a live stream during NCW. ​

Wednesday, October 11- Collaborations: Tuesday has two amazing groups that will explore collaborations from different perspectives. Clementine Porcelain will be sharing their plate project model; ​​a fundraiser to fight childhood hunger with donations to the Backpack Program.

We're also teaming up with the Manchester Crafts Guild Youth & Arts program, which works with youth in Pittsburgh, giving them a safe place to be creative after school. Ceramic and graphic design students will be collaborating on this one, so stay tuned K-12 educators!

Thursday, October 13- Nuts And Bolts: The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen China will be giving us an insider's look at how the international community and local community work together.

​​Friday, October 14-Sunday October 16- Social Engagement: Open Studios! We are excited to have Ben Carter and the Australian Ceramic Open Studios partnering to introduce the Open Studio concept to the US. We invite you all to sign up to hold events that celebrates clay, community and creativity. Studios all over the world will open their doors for demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions. Head to our Open Studios page for ideas and to sign up to be apart of this fantastic event!

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