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So it begins...

After months of planning we believe that we're prepared to launch National Clay Week (NCW) for the fall of 2016. We will contact core participants and start the brainstorming at the beginning of April.

Here is our Vision: Clay is material that exists in all facets of life ranging from the traditional tea bowl to tiles on a spaceship. It can be found all over the world, and plays a vital role in our cultural history while still motivating us as artists and designers in current times. This humble material has traveled far from its origins, yet it still manages to express the human condition and touch so many lives. Our vision is to celebrate the journey of clay: where it comes from and where it will take us in the future. Let’s unite our lives in a celebration of knowledge, experience, exploration, and joy of clay: the material we all know and love. Here is our Action: National Clay Week will consist of daily activities coordinated at the local, regional, and national levels using word of mouth, print and social media. Each day will have a theme and a challenge, announced via social media, that engages, connects, and educates the clay community. There will be two separate contests to encourage participation; one prize will be awarded for a community outreach project and the other will be granted to the winner of a how-to video contest.

This is our logo:

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