Thank You to our Community!

So many thank you's are owed. Thank you to all our partners in making National Clay Week 2017 happen: Carole Epp and The Crafted Dish team, Brian Harper and ArtAxis, Clementine Porcelain, Manchester Craft Guild Youth and Arts, Shoji Satake, West Virginia University Ceramics and The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, and Ben Carter. But mostly, thank you. Thanks to everyone who participated in National Clay Week, via Instagram and Facebook, by hosting Open Studios, by posting questions for our ArtAxis artists, watching the livestreams, those of you who told your students and friends and GOT INVOLVED! Our community makes us strong, when we teach each other, learn from each other, and help one ano

It's nearly here!

National Clay Week 2017: Community starts Monday, October 9. You can find all the action on Facebook and Instagram, or check out the links on each day's page here. Here's a quick last minute rundown: Monday: Using Handmade with The Crafted Dish Purchase a copy of The Crafted Dish. Follow @Thecrafteddish and @nationalclayweek on Instagram Join in the fun by sharing your own recipes and images on your instagram feed using #thecrafteddish #NCW2017 and tagging @thecrafteddish for the opportunity to be showcased during the Monday of NCW. While the publication was limited to #canadianceramics - this call for online participation is open to everyone! Celebrate your culture, your art, and your food

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