Join us for an international ceramic outreach project!

In the spirit of celebrating clay we have decided to make Open Studio's FREE. Click the button below to have you event added to the list. 

Clay Week Open Studio (CWOS) is an international event that celebrates clay, community and creativity. Join us on the weekend of October 9 - 11, 2020 for a celebration of clay around the world! To keep this years open studio safe for all participants we encourage you to move your events to an online format. Virtual demonstrations, lectures, and online sales are just a few ways you can engage your community through Clay Week Open Studios. If you choose to do an online sale we request that you donate 10% of your sales to a charity of your choice. 

Register above and enter your event into our database. Make sure to include an image with your registration to help is advertise your event. To keep up with us on social media follow @clayweek on Instagram. 

Need inspiration for your event?
Consider of the following ideas to engage your community!

1. Host a digital studio visit to show your community your space and what you are working on.

2. Host a Clay Olympics on Instagram live to energize your local clay community.

3. Host an online sale and donate 10% of the money to a local charity.

4. Put on a virtual demonstration on Instagram or Facebook for the public to see clay artists in action.

5. Post a video to Youtube teaching a technique that you use regularly in your studio.


Sue McLeod Ceramics

Join me in my home studio via Instagram Live on Sat, Oct 10 @ 10am PDT.

How do you know how much water to add to your glazes? The answer is to measure specific gravity. I'll be giving a live demo of how to measure the specific gravity of your glazes, using a scale and graduated cylinder. Measuring specific gravity is a way to keep your glaze's water content consistent so that your application and glaze results will also be consistent from firing to firing. See you then!

Oct 10 @ 10am PDT


Ray Chen

I sincerely welcome everyone to join my lecture : Cultural Influence: From Traditional Expression to Modern Context - Post-Ceramics Concept

The 21st century of modernism and post modernism with the idea of the contemporary is characterized by pluralism. Art expression through the material-clay connects cultural influences from the traditional to the contemporary. Critical thinking must be continuing to be developed. Mixed influences, concepts and impacts, have been reaching around the global with the broadest and most positive definition of visual art in ceramics to exposes the symbolic, philosophical vision and aesthetic force to a post-ceramics concept.

Also please share your experience and thoughts with everyone. This season will be a great thinking and sharing learning experience for all of us. Looking forward to meet you all.

October 8


Chris Baskn Pottery

Outdoor and outback socially distanced and controlled open studio. Chris Baskin and Dwayne Sackey handmade functional pottery Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 4pm.

October 10 and 11


Good Earth Pottery

Join us at 5pm PST for an Instagram Livestream visit to our show, Kindled Spirits, with juror, Simon Levin. This exhibition of wood-fired, soda-fired and salt-fired ceramics includes work from across the US and Canada. 10% of sales from Kindled Spirits will be donated to the Clay Siblings’ Project.

October 9th


builderburner ceramics

I'll be updating my webshop on Friday,October 9th and 10% of proceeds from sales will go to Hope Blooms ( I'll also do an Instagram Live studio tour/ demo on Saturday.

October 9-11


Mark Errol

A gallery and studio tour of Plough Gallery in Tifton GA , showcasing the work of our artists and why it is important to have a gallery in your community.

Oct 10


Andrew McIntyre

Join me on Instagram, where I'll be posting some of my latest work for sale! This will include cups, mugs, and bowls. 10% of all sales go to Clay Siblings. To find out more visit

October 9th - 11th


Britta Schroeder

On Sunday, October 11, my Etsy shop will be freshly updated with functional pots and ceramic jewelry. I will also be demoing parts of my decorating process on Instagram Live. Please drop in and say hello!

October 11


Amelia Butcher

Virtually watch a soda firing at Dusty Babes Studio on the 11th! Then on the 12th, a virtual studio tour and paint'n'chat.

Oct 11th/12th



Catch a catastrophically cat-filled weeked in my clay studio at the Customs House Artisan Incubator in Cape Breton! Watch clay cat demonstrations, tool creation, and chat about process in Instagram livestreams.10% of all online sales during clay week goes toward The Okra Project. To learn more, see

Oct 9-11


Ciro DiRuocco

Hi my name is Ciro and I would like to invite you all for a virtual tour of my newly renovated Vermont farmhouse pottery studio. I'll be talking about print on clay, doing demonstrations, sharing spoken word poetry, and talking about advocacy. I hope you can join us!



Hannun Lyn

Take a tour of my tiny pottery studio hidden away in Kensington Market, (the last real village in Toronto). See new works in progress, hear my story and have an interactive online chat about my pottery process.
You can also visit my online shop on my website. 10% of sales from the Open Studio day will go to St. Stephen's Community House which serves the market and surrounding areas.

October 10, 2020


Sandy Tong

Getting to know more ceramist all over the world

October 11


Randy Schutt

Join me for a pottery sale during Clay Week! I will have variety of functional pieces as well as kinetic work. 10% of sales will be donated to a high school ceramic program.

October 9-11, 2020


Terra Cottage Ceramics

Birthday Open House! The studio (and the cookie jar) will be open to the public. Also within walking distance are 5 Public Art sculptures and a 1 man show!

September 1- 30, 2020


Andrew Clark Pottery

Eric Botbyl and Andrew Clark will do an instagram live at 2pm cst. We will give a tour of Companion Gallery and our studio East Mitchell Clay. Companion Gallery is a contemporary ceramics gallery that represents over 50 artists from around the world. East Mitchell Clay is the community studio connected to Companion Gallery where were have weekly community classes as well as visiting artist workshops.

October 9th


Marney McDiarmid

Join me on a tour of my brand new studio. I'll talk about some tips and tricks I have for working in a small space and share my current projects.

Oct 13th 1pm EST


University of Massachuettes

University of Massachusetts Ceramics club would love to share our perspective, showcasing the wonderful professors and students that make our program. Rebecca Hutchinson will introduce the program, following the introduction we will showcase our private studios and facilities at CVPA's Star Store campus in nearby downtown New Bedford with a video

Our Graduate and Post Bacc students will highlight the work they have been doing for through their time at the program, showing their growth as an artist and providing insight as a maker during these new time. Follow our Instagram page @umassdceramics as we share our community with clayweek

Oct. 10, 11


Arundel Studios

Join me October 13th at 10am Pacific, on facebook live, for a tour of my teaching studio and gallery. Chat a bit about how community studios like mine are managing shared spaces during the pandemic. Stay to see me demo my large thrown and altered bird vases. They are a hoot! Demo will be available on YouTube Oct 14th

October 13th


Sara Swink

I'll be doing an Instagram Live sometime during the weekend to show you around the studio. From Instagram you can connect to my online shop ( From my website you can connect to a video introducing my studio and my work. Locals are welcome to visit the studio by appointment.

October 11, 12, 13


Heather Lepp

Online Sale October 11, 12, 13 at
10% of online sale proceeds go to the Nature Conservancy of Canada

October 11-13


Anna Valenti

Welcome to my little studio in northern Colorado. I am so happy to share with you my hemp clay weaving and other handbuilding techniques.

October 9


Sami Tsang

Hi, I'm Sami. I'd like to invite you all for a virtual tour of Alfred University Grad studio. I will be doing a demonstration of how I paint on clay, as well as hand-building. Hope everyone can join us for this great event!

October 9 & 10th


Kayla Benner

Join me on Instagram Live for a virtual studio tour and demo! See how I set up my small basement space for efficient production. Then I will demonstrate throwing and assembling a 2 part pitcher. Q&A throughout. 10% of sales from Oct 9-11 will be donated to Gillian’s Place St Catharines - support for women and children who have experienced abuse.

October 10


Elaine Brewer-White Ceramics

Elaine Brewer-White welcomes everyone to her open studio to see her one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture and functional work.
Indoor and outdoor displays as well as sculpture demonstrations.

Oct 12/13


Heidi McKenzie

I want to walk you through some of the work I've been creating around family, memory, migration and archive, and show you a sneak peak of a new body of work I'm putting together for a solo show that involves incorporating augmented reality with image on clay - looking at the absence/presence of persons of colour in the industrial factory setting. Join me in my home studio in Toronto, Canada to see what's been brewing over the summer and cooking in the fall!

October 11, 2020

North Carolina

Turtle Island Pottery Maggie Jones

Visit my website for an online sale with links to my forming process in stoneware clay. Altering wheelwork with inspiration from antique pottery is my favorite. 10% of sales will be given to Manna Foodbank in Asheville, NC. I am sorry USA sales, lower 48 only.

October 10-12 2020


Liz Noonan Ceramics

Welcome to my studio! I will be sharing my technique of my version of majolica. Using a cone 6 glaze I will show you how I paint into glaze to create beautiful drawings of your own! Any sales made this week I will donate 10% to the ACLU to help them for their fight against injustice of all kinds.

October 06 2020


Carter Pottery

Join us for an online sale of functional pottery. The sale features dinnerware, such as plates, bowls and cup, along with special service ware, such as teapots and jars. 10% of all sales go to Clay Siblings. To find out more visit

October 5th-12th

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