Join us for an international ceramic outreach project!

In the spirit of celebrating clay we have decided to make Open Studio's FREE. Click the button below to have you event added to the list. 

Clay Week Open Studio (CWOS) is an international event that celebrates clay, community and creativity. Join us on the weekend of October 9 - 11, 2020 for a celebration of clay around the world! To keep this years open studio safe for all participants we encourage you to move your events to an online format. Virtual demonstrations, lectures, and online sales are just a few ways you can engage your community through Clay Week Open Studios. If you choose to do an online sale we request that you donate 10% of your sales to a charity of your choice. 

Register above and enter your event into our database. Make sure to include an image with your registration to help is advertise your event. To keep up with us on social media follow @clayweek on Instagram. 


Sandy Tong

Getting to know more ceramist all over the world

Rua de alimirante sergio 257-261

October 11



Randy Schutt

Join me for a pottery sale during Clay Week! I will have variety of functional pieces as well as kinetic work. 10% of sales will be donated to a high school ceramic program.

1963 Nebraska Ave E

October 11-13, 2020



Terra Cottage Ceramics

Birthday Open House! The studio (and the cookie jar) will be open to the public. Also within walking distance are 5 Public Art sculptures and a 1 man show!

514, N 7th St.

September 1- 30, 2020


North Carolina

Turtle Island Pottery Maggie Jones

Visit my website for an online sale with links to my forming process in stoneware clay. Altering wheelwork with inspiration from antique pottery is my favorite. 10% of sales will be given to Manna Foodbank in Asheville, NC. I am sorry USA sales, lower 48 only.

51 Cedar Creek Rd

October 10-12 2020



Liz Noonan Ceramics

Welcome to my studio! I will be sharing my technique of my version of majolica. Using a cone 6 glaze I will show you how I paint into glaze to create beautiful drawings of your own! Any sales made this week I will donate 10% to the ACLU to help them for their fight against injustice of all kinds.

October 06 2020


Carter Pottery

Join us for an online sale of functional pottery. The sale features dinnerware, such as plates, bowls and cup, along with special service ware, such as teapots and jars. 10% of all sales go to Clay Siblings. To find out more visit

1 High Ridge Road

October 5th-12th


The concept for this event was inspired by

the Australian Ceramic Open Studios.

To learn more about their organization and events please visit:

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