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Making & Using

Monday: We will kick off the week WELCOMING EVERYONE, sitting down with a favorite mug and talking, sharing, about that mug and maker and the week to come. This is a day to celebrate what we are making in the studio and what we are using in the home, all things clay.


Want to be apart of Clay Week 2021?

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2020 Events


Red Clay Rambler Feature -

On the topic of using handmade ceramics I have a 2013 interview with Sarah Jaeger. Known for her highly decorated porcelain pottery she has maintained a studio in Helena, MT since 1987. Before becoming a potter Sarah studied literature and this early influence is reflected in her eloquent writing about the hand made. "Despite the material abundance of our culture, it seems to me that we have been impoverished by the disjunction of beauty and handwork from utility that accompanied the industrial revolution and the hourly wage. When time became a commodity, it no longer made sense to make mere dishes by hand, and yet, as the jeweler and writer Bruce Metcalf has said, "handwork makes meaning, not just physical things." In the interview we talk about the human desire to create meaning through hand made objects, as well as her love of pattern and volume, and the early days when she would skip class to spend more time in the clay studio.

Mudflat Studio

Monday- We will be posting a few different Mugshots of work fresh from the reduction kiln- made by our Mudflat Students

Tuesday- we will be sharing YouTube videos that explain the ways in which our tech staff work in the studio

Thursday- Our current artist-in-residence, G.V. Kelley, is going to post about recidencies.

Weekend- One of our studio artists, Arthur Halvorsen, is going to give a virtual studio tour


Ron Gallas Cup Library at St. Olaf College

Take a virtual tour of the Ron Gallas Cup library at St. Olaf College. Hosted by Cup Library Founder, Kate Fisher and Student Cup Librarian, Megan Kartheiser.

Mission: The aim of the Ron Gallas Cup Library is to make handmade ceramic cups more accessible to the St. Olaf community and, in doing so; build an appreciation for and awareness of the tradition of handmade functional pottery through tactile observation.


The Color Network

We welcome you to join The Color Network  for a series of conversations this National Clay Week.
Each day  we will be hosting a Live stream on our Instagram account covering the topic for that day. 

Monday  6pm EST :  Salvador Jiménez-Flores in conversation with Raheleh T Filsoofi
Tuesday 6pm EST  : Natalia Arbelaez  studio visit
Wednesday 7pm EST: April Felipe in conversation with Ling Chun
Thursday 6pm EST : Adam Chau in conversation with Shoji Satake 


NCECA - Welcome | Mugshot Monday

NCECA Welcomes you to Clay Week!
We are looking forward to an exceptional week of contemporary clay, ceramics, and educational programs from around the globe. Follow us on Instagram @NCECA and subscribe on YouTube to #WatchNCECA for our upcoming Clay Week Programming.

Today is #mugshotmonday we start by highlighting a selection of our favorite handheld vessels for #clayweek2020.


Tiffany Leach / Jacksonville Unversity

Myself, colleagues (and maybe students) will make a short video discussing our favorite mugs (or other functional items) and why.


Chris Baskin

Monday October 5th, 2020
Video Conversation Released 11 am Pacific Time, 2pm Eastern

Chris Baskin + Dwayne Sackey:
A Conversation About Cups.


Wed, Oct 7, 5-6:30PM -Pacific Standard Time
Making Sauerkraut Crocks with Dwayne Sackey
(OPA $25 | Non-OPA $30)
Register here:
The Zoom Demonstration will be recorded and sent out to all registrants if you want to attend but have a scheduling conflict during the live demonstration.


Mark Errol

08:00 EST

Monday - Mugshot Monday at home, talking about why certain mugs are in our collection and how they are part of my morning ritual.


Kyle Lee

09:00 EST

My Favorite Cup / Mug purchased!
By Kyle Scott Lee | Owner of

I began collecting ceramic cups & mugs about 10 years ago. I have a collection of approximately 60-70 in my collection. In that collection, I have many that I could no live without, but one always stands out as my all time favorite. When I purchased one of my very first cups in my collection, it was one by Nathan Bray. As a confessed lover of color and uniqueness, this cup checked every box. It is decorated in a colorful, urban, graffiti-like and an apple bottom shape that sits on a tripod of three stubby feet. The handle allows for a fit of three fingers and raised at the top for flawless thumb support. This is not my only Nathan Bray Cup! I have collected others as well.

Nathan Bray is a Minnesota resident, with a 2009 Ceramic BFA from Bemidji State University, MN. Nathan also has an Electrical Degree and also works as an electrician.

You can purchase and collect Nathan’s amazing ceramic work at the @companiongallery and @nothernclaycenter Websites.


Tammy Marinuzzi

10:00 EST

Coffee Hour / "Table Talk Discussion: The Drinking Vessel

Come and join ceramic artist Tammy Marinuzzi and friends ( Pavel Amromin, Jill Foote -Hutton, Magda Gluszek, Keith Smith and Meghan Sullivan ) who will have a "Table Talk" discussion ( VIA ZOOM) about their favorite drinking vessels.

The conversation will be pre-recorded and will be accessible to the "clay week" community Monday, October 5th at 10:00 ET.

Possible Discussions:

Do you have a Favorite mug?

One that you use everyday?

Do you every ask your self - what draws me to this object?

Does your mug really "Get You" ?

Do you love your cup because you love the liquid it holds?

Or do you really just like the way this object in your hands?


G.V. Kelley

11:00 EST

Monday, 10/5

I will introduce myself on Instagram and talk about the week to come. I will then kick off the week by talking about my favorite mugs!

Tuesday, 10/6

I will post a sped-up video on Instagram of yours truly sculpting a small scaled creature. Emphasis will be given to texture and using stamps to make scales. I will also pay lip service to the role of DIY stamps and texture tools in my work!

Wednesday, 10/7

I will post on Instagram about 2-3 individuals in the ceramic field that are uplifting the work and voices of queer and BIPOC ceramic artists through various means.

Thursday, 10/8

I will post on Instagram to discuss the incredible and supportive residencies I have been lucky to participate in, including Pentaculum, the LUX Center for the Arts, and Mudflat Studios. I will also discuss Ori Gallery in Portland, Oregon, an art gallery centering the work of queer BIPOC artists.

Friday-Sunday, 10/9-11

I will promote a sale of my work on Instagram. 10%+ of the proceeds will be donated to a TBD organization/charity. I will also provide a link to an artist talk I did through the LUX Center for the Arts with a slide show of my work, concepts, and inspiration.



12:00 EST

Artaxis will have recorded interviews/artist talks go live at Noon, EST each day. I will

Monday: Donté Hayes
Tuesday: Yuki Ando and Shigariki Ceramics Cultural Park
Wednesday: Ngozi-Omeje Ezema
Thursday: Mac McCusker
Friday: Raheleh Filsoofi


Brendan Tang and Julie Moon in Conversation

13:00 EST

Toronto’s own ceramist extraordinaire, Julie Moon, and Vancouver’s favourite son, Brendan LS Tang, get together for an Instagram live chat. Tune in to see what’s going on in their studios and hear them spill the tea on their favourite MugShot.


Andrew Clark

14:00 EST

I will be posting a process video of making a coffee mug.

My work uses a stamping technique to build layers on the surface of pots. I use bisque stamps and carved wood stamps to alter the clay when it is still soft. This technique along with implied line and color make the pot seem to have multiple layers. Inspiration for this idea comes from looking at schematic cutaway drawings that open up machinery to show the different layers.

I will plan to post at 2 pm est.


Rat city studios

15:00 EST

A community online exhibition highlighting honey jars. Also includes honey, and recipes. Oct 2 - 6th


Northern Clay Center

15:00 EST

Mugshop Monday!
Monday 10.5.20 at 3 pm CT (Instagram Live)
Join Northern Clay Center’s Sales Gallery Associate extraordinaire, Casey Beck as he showcases and shares about the latest and greatest selection of mugs and beyond from various artists in NCC’s Sales Galley. Watch or shop LIVE on Instagram at 3pm CT (@northernclaycenter) and find your new favorite mug to feature for your next #mugshotmonday! Tag NCC in a #mugshotmonday photo with you and your favorite NCC Sales Gallery artist mug for a chance to be featured in our Instagram stories!


Dane Hodges

18:30 EST

Dane Hodges sits down with a couple of his go to, favorite mugs to discuss their aesthetics, the makers and the impact utilizing hand made objects has on his daily rituals. Join him on Monday Oct. 5 at 6:30 pm on Instagram live through his page.


Check out previous years here.
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