colored iceberg
colored iceberg

Our mission is to celebrate clay in all its iterations, from the material to the makers.

October 11-17,2021

We are already planning for 2021
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colored iceberg

Active Value System: 


Inclusive: We encourage participation from all people, no matter belief system, age, national origin, race, ability, gender identity or expression, class and education. Inclusivity is our goal. It is the foundation on which we invite participants and interact with our members.


Accessible: Our strength is creating a platform that offers equal access to anyone who uses the internet. We use free social media platforms to encourage people to connect on the devices they have access to. We are committed to being accessible to all members regardless of ability, geographic location or financial status.


Egalitarian: Within the organization we operate in a nonhierarchical structure. Our board’s decision making starts with open dialogue, during which we welcome feedback and collaboration from all community members. Decision making is done by consensus.


Community: We celebrate and amplify community involvement and broaden the scope and reach of individuals and groups. 

Action Steps:


  1. Actively seek global partners and presenters. Each year we reach out to a diverse set of institutions and communities to encourage the broadest participation possible

  2. Encourage a spectrum of dialogue from the casual to the academic.



  1. Maintain the free social media platforms that we already use. Instagram, Facebook,etc. and expand into Tiktok to reach a broad age range of participants.

  2. Starting in 2021 we will be encouraging participants to add image descriptions for their social media images, subtitles for videos, and transcripts for audio where possible.

  3. Use giveaways to distribute books, virtual classes and ceramic materials to people who need them.



  1.  Each member’s participation is voluntary.

  2.  We encourage members to bring their outreach ideas to fruition by offering them infrastructure and assistance.



  1. Use our platform to amplify the achievements of our members. Support groups and individuals that are making important contributions to the field.

  2. Become a nonprofit to help with fundraising to support our programming.

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