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Monday Oct 10, 2016
Second Life Handmade
  • The stories of pots given a second chance.

  • Share your stories using #secondlifehandmade 

  • To learn more click the circle to the right >>>

National Clay Week is about connecting and getting people involved in the experience of clay. Below you'll find a list of ways to get involved at a local and national level. 

Artaxis Presents - A Day of Periscope Conversations
  • Q:A with 26 Artaxis Members

  • Back-to-back Conversations on Periscope

Clay Passport 
  • Visit select business to see ceramics on display​.

  • Collect stamps from each business you visit for a chance to win.

Cup Improv at Gulf Coast State College
  • Gulf Coast State College Theatre Department’s improvisational interpretations of select cups from the Ninth Annual Cup Ninth Annual Cup Show: Form and Function.

  • Watch as each cup's persona comes to life in human form.


Tuesday Oct 11, 2016
Collaboration Conversation 
  • A day of Periscope streams by makers who collaborate in clay to explore unique possibilities in art, craft, and industry.

Collaboration Collection 
  • Submit photos and videos of collaborative clay projects to have them featured on Tumblr and Instagram. 

Wednesday Oct 12, 2016
Thursday Oct 13, 2016

Standard Ceramics Tour

WVU Production Studio Demos

Rubber Mold Tutorial

DIY Trimming Tools

Utah State Museum Tour

Pots Under A Microscope

Utah State Woodfiring Live Stream 

Friday Oct 14, 2016

On friday we will be joining forces with Socially Engaged Craft Collective for these events:

Project Canary

Jenny Gard -50 States #cupconversations

Social Ceramic Telethon


Community Outreach / Social Engagement Project Award: 

Goal of Community Outreach / Social Engagement Project Award:

In alignment with the vision of the National Clay Week, the contest goal is to unite through the material of ceramics. In this contest we aim to unite communities in conversations and explorations in material knowledge, experience, and possibilities of clay: the material we all know and love.


Pitch us a project that uses clay to unite members of communities that might not normally engage each other. Outline how this project will impact those who participate, and their communities. What conversations do you hope will be inspired from the material and process? How will those conversations will shape members of those communities? Tell us how you plan on spending the awarded Amaco product and funding.


Submissions Due:  September 1, 2016

Winner announced to public: October 14th, 2016

Winners Receive:

  • $1500 in Materials plus $500 Cash

  • National Recognitions for Project

  • Honorary Member of the Next Year’s NCW

Juried by:

Socially Engaged Craft Collective (SECC)


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