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Hundreds of artists have benefited from the celebrated Arts/Industry residency program since its beginning in 1974. Undoubtedly one of the most unusual ongoing collaborations between art and industry in the United States, it is conceived and administered by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and hosted by Kohler Co.

Arts/Industry offers artists the time and space to focus on the creation of new work, and a unique location for their studios. Artists-in-residence work at the Kohler Co. factory in the Pottery and/or Foundry. Artists need not have experience with clay or metal, just an interest in materials and the potential for the industrial environment and processes to influence their creative practice. Participants are exposed to a body of technical knowledge that enables and encourages them to explore new ways of thinking and working. For more information, please download the Arts/Industry brochure or visit thier FAQs page.

Join us as we release some prerecorded videos that showcase the opportunities and experience of artists who have participated in the JMKAC Arts/Industry program. 


How do Artists grow from their interactions with employees of Kohler? 

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Want to know more about Arts/Industry?


A comprehensive and insightful history marking the 40th anniversary of the world-renowned Arts/Industry residency program beautifully presented in a 320-page volume including 404 photographs.


JMKAC Videos:
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