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With our guides at The Pottery Workshop in China, we are exploring how The Pottery Workshop operates both as a factory and a residency. We will be given insider’s look at their ceramic process, start to finish. We will also have live streaming interviews of international resident artists and local Chinese artists, talking about the impact that the residency program has on both locally and internationally.

Through a unique linkage, West Virginia University and Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen has teamed to offer a comprehensive study opportunity for students and the serious advanced or professional ceramic artist/potter.  Join us for a once in a lifetime experience and travel with us to the Imperial Porcelain Capital of Jingdezhen.  For the last 22 years, we have worked tirelessly to offer a study and travel program in the Peoples Republic of China. In this once in a lifetime experience, participants have the opportunity to study with some of China’s most prominent teachers and ceramic artists.

Livestream Lineup

9-9:45pm (EST) Moderator Q&A/Demo

9:45-11pm (EST) Audience Q&A (Please ask questions!)

Artists Lineup

Dryden Wells - moderator

Luca Li - PWS/Panel

Huang Fei - underglaze artist/Demo

Jin Yuean - Coilbuilder/Demo

Jiang He Hua - Overglaze Decorator/Demo

Chen Min - Carver/Demo

Birdie Boone - WVU Visiting Artist/Panel

John Neely - PWS Visiting Artist/Panel

Prue Venberables-PWS Visiting Artist (Australia)/Panel

Agnes Fries-International Artist (Sweden)/Panel

How to Get Involved!


  • LIVE Simultaneous Roundtable discussion and demonstration with live Q&A starting at 9pm with: Dryden Wells, Luca Li, Huang Fei, Birdie Boone, Ekrem Yazici, and more!

  • WVU and PWS has curated a playlist of youtube video that highlights The Pottery Workshop in China and their surrounding area. Videos will explore Historic Jingdezhen, Artists Interviews, The Pottery Workshop, and many other topics!

  • Post your own photos of your time at The Pottery Workshop on Instagram -  Use #thepotteryworkshop #NCW2017 @nationalclayweek to share your experiences.

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