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- Using Handmade

We've partnered with Carole Epp of Musing About Mud to publish a cookbook! With the support of Reid Flock, and Julia and Yolanda Krueger we've juried a cookbook highlighting some of the amazing makers and bakers within Canadian Ceramics and showcasing their pottery with their food traditions. If that was not reason enough to want a copy for your kitchen, profits from the sales of this cookbook will be donated to the Canadian food based charity, The Stop.

How to Get Involved!

  • Purchase a copy of The Crafted Dish!  

  • Start the day off by grabbing your favorite handmade cup and share your thoughts and joys of using handmade objects. Post them online using #NationalClayWeek

  • Make some yummy food in your handmade pots -- share that meal, have conversations about using handmade objects, and celebrate in the beauty of all things clay!

  • Join in the fun by sharing your own recipes and images on your instagram feed using #thecrafteddish #NCW2017 and tagging @thecrafteddish for the opportunity to be showcased during the monday of NCW. While the publication was limited to #canadianceramics - this call for online participation is open to everyone! Celebrate your culture, your art, and your food through sharing recipes and stories of how handmade craft and homemade food go hand in hand.

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