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Using Handmade



Make and Do Ceramics - Monday Morning Makers

​Join us on Monday by sharing photos and videos of the projects you are currently working on in your studio.

​Use #mondaymorningmaker so we can share and highlight your work in progress! 

Mugshot Mondays
  • We invite you to share your favorite thing about clay while enjoying your favorite beverage out of a handmade mug. 

  • Use #ncwmugshot to share your thoughts as we highlight what we love about clay.

Second Life Handmade

As makers we make. The objects we produce we intend to have a long life outside of our studio in the hands of collectors and people who appreciate the value, diversity and uniqueness of handmade objects. Once out of our studio our art has it’s own life and trajectory. It can travel around the world without us. It can be cherished by one person their whole life; or it can be passed from one life to another, collecting a variety of stories along the way.

For National Clay Week our Group is working under the theme of Using Handmade. We challenge you to think about your handmade object out in the world. Or perhaps as an artist you re-use, re-interpret and re-mix old vintage and found ceramics in your work. We want to hear your unique story.

#secondlifehandmade is a hashtag we encourage you to start using and participating in to share your stories of the objects you collect. More specifically we are really interested in uncovering stories of objects that are rediscovered, perhaps through thrift shops or estate sales. Perhaps you we gifted some ceramics that you then discovered had an interesting history from some far off place or interesting artist. Have you ever had someone tell you about how they found some of your old college work and are giving it a new life? Do you collect a specific type of ceramic object, from a particular time or place, that you then use in your studio practice?

Those are the types of stories we’re curious to uncover.

What we are hoping to create is a website that will collect and share these stories along with pictures and videos of the objects and the people that have given them a #secondlifehandmade.

It’s easy to participate:
Either take some pictures or shoot a quick video on your phone and show us the object(s) and tell us your story. Of course we’d love to see your face as well telling us the story, but feel free to get the story across through whatever means.

Apps such as Layout, Flipagram, Word Swag, Instaquote, Retype, Flipjam, Ripl and the like might be helpful tools to play around with. Or simply upload a video straight to Instagram.

REMEMBER to hashtag #secondlifehandmade and tag @nationalclayweek on your post so we can easily find it.

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